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Aug 5, 2012 5:30pm PDT
it never stops running how excited are you about right j. davis. a three run shot in the right- field seats. 24th of the year for josh read it. the lead does not last. a two run single puts the jays set back on top. bottom of the ninth, a's fans hope for a rally. jemile weeks a possible tie game went out and game ending double play blue jays when it 6-5 and split the four game series. the entire american league west lost today. oakland when afghan up over the angels. they begin a three game series against the angels tomorrow night at the coliseum. fans need to show up for a change. peyton manning hoping the broncos' season go smoother than the rockies first season first inning for colorado and error, ryan theriot fur it safe at first. angel pagan scores on passed ball giants get two runs. tim lincecum walks five. melky cabrera catches the fly ball and throws all into a nail the runner at the plate. lincecum hangs and four-one giants. five-one san francisco. one batter later, this guy has been hot, colorado is horrible two more runs scored. 8-3 it the final lincecum except his second straigh
Aug 13, 2012 8:00pm EDT
not guilty to all charges against him whereas j. davis has pledged to two out of the four counts. sabu, who was ousted as being a late 20's man from new york, lower east side named hector month cigar has pled guilty to the charges against him and has yet to be sentenced. >> how were they arrested, who was arrested first? talk about that. >> the first person to be arrested was sabu. he was the charismatic figure, the one that people looked up to, almost the older brother within lulzsec. could be aggressive and was known to tell people off from time to time. very hot headed sometimes. if you got on the wrong side of him. he was the first to be arrested on june 6, 2011. really right at the pivot of the lulzsec packing spree. he went offline for 24, 36 hours, and everybody on the chat room, the private tax from she had been frequenting were worried. topiary was worried. i remember him telling me that he was worried about whether sabu had been arrested or not. and then sabu came back on line and said that everything was fine and, in fact, his grandmother had died and he was born to be offline fo
Aug 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
not blink. chris davis, perhaps the biggest hit of the day. second inning. j.j. hardy goes down low and swats it ito low. happy birthday to j.j. -- and swats it to laeft. 6-5 orioles. they never lose the lead. the orioles are six games back of the yankees and a half-game in front of the wild card. ripken stadium in aberdeen. the files of the world series. what a big day for the montgomery county team. they played japan. japan scored the first six runs of the game. the u.s. was on the board. big turnout for jp walsh. the first of two home runs. a tremendous week of baseball. hats off to the boys' league teams of upper montgomery county, the u.s. chance in the cal ripken world series. thursday night, the ravens will play at home against jacksonville. the colts and stay loose last night. steelers take the early lead. ben roethlisberger to antonio brown. look at him run. andrew luck sets up the first interception. 14-0, pittsburgh. andrew luck stayed with it and slides for the touchdown. 26-24, the steelers win. two years ago at the orioles won 66 games. >> it is fun to cheer them on. s
Aug 26, 2012 10:00pm EDT
to catch. over the wall. rolls and rolls. 50th for the year for j roll. phillies win 4-1. nats losing their fourth straight. davy, everything okay with the boys in d.c.? >> they're not easing off the gas pedal. they're grinding. you're never as bad as you look when you lose, and never as good as you look when you win. we'll be fine. >>> yesterday the redskins were not afraid to let the rookie rg3 air it out in the third preseason game against the colts. trying to find the former colt. third time tried to find hankerson. many believe the failure to connect rested more with the receivers than griffin himself. despite the inability to hook up deep, the rook is not discouraged and believes things will improve when the games count for reals. >> it will come. those type of things, those situations, you have to get used to a guy's game speed. i talked to him on the side line. and those passes will come. we'll hit those like there's no tomorrow and we'll have a lot of touchdowns and a lot of people celebrating. >> the kids say for reals. >> you're down with the kids. >> coming up later, i go
Aug 20, 2012 6:00am EDT
home run. buck showalter stayed with chen. he gets the win. home run number20 four chris davis. the orioles had new life. it is a one-run game thanks to j.j. hardy. he rips it to left. 5-4 in the fourth inning. nate mclouth, a shot. adam jones follows with a single. 7-5 orioles. jim johnson, one hopper to manny machado. nice picked up by mark reynolds. 7-5, the orioles come back to win the game and the series. >> that was a good game for us. that happened a couple times to chen. he deserves the win and the bullpen was great. >> the orioles move on to play the rangers. ravens preseason half over. they play the jack wires on thursday. the ravens held an open practice yesterday. a crowd of 3000 on hand. not a lot of the scrimmaging. you can see joe flacco. john harbaugh pleased with how his team practiced in front of the feans. >> you get the fans out and puts pressure on the guys to perform. the keys to that field and is been good for us. >> it switches bid it up. any time you can be around the fans, makes the players go harder. >> montgomery county the delete represents the u.s
Aug 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
three. bottom six no score. two on, dell minute young. j.j. hardy tracks it down. 6-4-3, huge play to end the threat and inning. we go to the seventh, two on, nobody out. chris davis. he said afterwards he saw buck showalter would ask him to bunt. birdland happy he did not. three-run shot, 3-0, orioles. bottom seven, briton's still dealing. alex aviles down swinging. seven shutout innings. five k's. his best start of the year. eighth, 17 scoreless appearances in the row. that streak is done. peralta scores two. caught in the rundown. good fundamentals for orioles as they got the last out 3-2 and jim johnson to close, you know it's coming. one-run lead is enough for him. three up, three down. orioles won 3-2 and go for the series win sunday at 1:00. the cal ripken is world series u.s. championship game in aberdeen. montgomery county, maryland, taking on mid-atlanta. gets de la cruz swinging in the fourth. allowed only two hits. bottom half, maryland with the bases loaded, john paul walsh takes one for the club. hit by the pitch. tied 1-1. brady peer lays down a perfect bunt. scored
Aug 4, 2012 11:30am EDT
and between humphrey davy and thomas it is and you have 80 years of different inventors tinkering around with this technology that was never quite ready for prime time. even by the time h j rodgers came along in 1882 electricity wasn't sure thing. i think it is important to know because we are in the middle of these energy crises. we have climate change bearing down on us and limited amounts of fossil fuels and infrastructure that hasn't been updated in 30 years and all those things will require technology to solve our problems. at the same time we like to tell ourselves stories about technology that don't match up with reality. we like to talk about times where one guy had won it and it changed the world. that is really not what success normally looks like. if that is all we know we are doing ourselves a great disservice. if you don't understand that the electric grid we have today isn't a perfect thing, that it is not an ideal system and it has a lot of flaws that damage -- put at risk even beyond renewable generation you are not going to understand what our energy problems are and you
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Aug 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
to the aforementioned lanny davis. well, lanny, let's start with you here. it's almost like joe biden was right when he referred to the 20th century, right? because it's going back to the 90's. michael j. fox back to the future. going back though and those are the glory days. wasn't so long ago that president obama was talking about that whole fairy tale and barack obama's position on this or that issue. what's going on here? >> well, it's nice to know that barack obama appreciates bill clinton and his presidency. deficite to know that the of $300 billion in those days it sounded like a lot and ended up with a trillion dollars at the end of the decade, with the help of newt gingrich and the republicans i might add. bill clinton is a pretty good model whereby partisan approach gave us fiscal conservatives and surplus that's an important message to republicans to embrace. >> laura: i think lanny touched on interesting point. bill clinton understood at some point he had to actually work with the politics as it faced him. right? the republicans on the hill. he actually had to work with them. now we have re
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)